Citizen Grim

Genre: Strategic Shooter
Publisher: Eruptive Games

Can you survive the night in Grim?


Citizen GRIM is a strategic Reaper shooter built for the exploding midcore social games market. Featuring dynamic open-world combat in an engaging 40’s- inspired world, players will need quick thinking and plenty of bullets to survive a night in GRIM! With over-the-top action and a highly stylized aesthetic, Citizen GRIM is built to feel like a Hollywood action flick.

Play it today and see if you have what it takes to survive the deadliest social experience on Facebook!


Standout features include:
- 100% Real Meat: Forget farming! Jump right into a good old fashion killing spree! Then dive deeper into strategic resource management, an onslaught of challenges, storyline and RPG driven gameplay.

- Blockbuster Story: The past is a blur, the present is grim and the future is in your hands. Discover the twisted secrets of Reaper-infested GRIM by playing through episodic story missions

- Intense Action: Mow down wave after wave of attacking Reapers, go head to head with enemy NPC’s, and take on unfathomable mid and end bosses. Even get your friends involved!

- Mercenaries for Hire: Hire up to 3 hired guns who will aid in battles and defend you in the streets. Trust us, you'll need all the help you can get!

-Weapons to Die For: From baseball bats to flamethrowers and everything in between, arm yourself with weapons and effects yet to be seen in social games!

- Friend or Foe?: Rack up high scores and bragging rights against your buddies, send Reapers to damage their buildings, or team up for co-op missions!


Citizen Grim refuses to fully load for me and thus I have nothing more to say about it. A few days prior it loaded and I was able to play for a few minutes, just long enough to save someone from several  Reapers before I got an error and the game crashed.

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