Genre: Action & Arcade
Publisher: Cookapps

SuperBall! Shoot colorful pegs to complete challenges and discover hidden treasures!


A flashy arcade game by Cookapps, the more you score the flashier it gets, of course. Shoot the Superball down from the cannon with the objective of destroying pegs. Destroy all the red pins in order to win the match. Smashing more pegs for a bigger score that you can brag to your friends about.

Game Play


The Superball world is broken up into 10 continents with 10 challenges for each continent. So thats 100 unique match set-ups. Starting off on a sunny little farm and ending on a desert with a crashed UFO.


As you progress through the first few levels you gain access to nifty power ups and other become accessible through purchase of game money and Facebook credits.


The map is visually appealing and easily navigated through a side scrolling design. 
The games themselves look good to, very flashy when you score combos or other bonuses and calm when it needs to be.


Combos are key in outscoring all your friends. Angle your shoots so they take out as many pegs as you can. 

Use your super balls sparingly, because with only so many points available to collect from breaking pegs, after you've taken out all the red pegs the game ends and all the left over balls drop from the sky and fall into one of 5 ball catchers, two with a 10,000 point bonus, two with a 30,000 point bonus and one with a 50,000 point bonus.

When you need to break a lonesome peg you should try to time the shot so it falls in the ball catcher, this will all the ball back to your stock so you don't loose a ball that shot. 

Tips & Tricks

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