Berserk: The Cataclysm

Berserk: The Cataclysm is a free-to-play, fantasy collectible card game. Players enter this world as a powerful wizards, masters of their own sky-island castle and battle to expand their dominion and conquer new islands.

Angry Birds on Facebook

In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playing field.

Zombie Slayer

An exciting text and icon based RPG developed by Kano. When a terrible virus sweeps the globe, and hordes of undead rule the world. You and your team of elite zombie slayers must retake the earth, one corpse at a time!

Robot Unicorn Attack

To start, the premise reveals a variety of levels. You are a robotic unicorn in a dreamworld. Can robotic unicorns dream?

Bush Whacker 2

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: DJarts Games

Bush Whacker is a game of bushes, swords, lightning, and what happens when they all meet. Collect hats, capes, critters, customize your house, and explore the wide open world of Bush Whacker!


DJarts Games' newest venture on Facebook Bush Whacker 2 is an adventure puzzle game sequel to Bush Whacker. Dress up your avatar, whack bushes and creatures, collect items and solve puzzles all by the hand of your wide-eyed little bush whacking friend. 

Fans of the original Bush Whacker game can expect to see many familiar faces like; Steve the Fisherman, Annie, Ralph as well as game content, gems, collectibles, costumes, creatures, furniture and more. As well as all new content such as; trinkets, progress bars and quests, etc.

Game Play

You start the game off, ship wrecked on a strange island, venture inland to find a group of friendly villagers that help show you the ropes of Bush Whacker and offer you rewards in exchange for completing quests and tasks.

The Basics

Begin your journey by learning the art of bush whacking, taking your trusty wooden sword shred an idol bush and collect what ever it leaves behind, could be coins, gems, potions, costumes, puzzles pieces or any combination of the aforementioned possibilities or could be nothing at all. 

Power attack is your next skill to learn. Use power attacks by first collecting power potions from defeated bushes/creatures, power potions are orange and act as a multiplier so 10 power attack used on a tree that would have dropped 5 coins, would now yield 50 coins (10 X 5 = 50) but if the tree drops nothing, you would get 10 of nothing so there is a luck factor. 

Mana Whack is next, this is a lightning attack that consumes not energy but instead mana which is blue and is also obtained from defeating bushes/creatures in the same manor as power potions. As you progress through the game you will be able to upgrade your mana whacking power and use it to destroy higher level targets (which require more energy) but as the mana whack power increases the mana cost increases as well. 


Inventory is broken down into four separate categories:

General Items - The everyday things; coins, plants, furniture, costumes, etc.

Key Items - Items needed to complete quests/challenges in order to move onto the next stages.

Trinkets - Powerful items that grant bonuses, such as; better loot chances, faster running, increasing max energy. Reaching higher levels unlock additional Trinket slots to be used.

Gems - Obtained through defeating bushes/creatures, quests, rewards, etc. Used as currency, similar to gold, ranging in value.

Agate is the lowest quality gems.
Aquamarine is worth four Agate.
Citrine is worth four Aquamarine.

The highest quality gem is worth about 260,000 Agate.

You can exchange gems with one of the towns people from the beginning of the journey.

The World Map

Is capable to transporting your character to any already discovered areas with one click, free of charge.
Summarizes area completion percentages for easy review.

A very handy tool.


Bush Whacker 2 seems to me like an amusing application but it feels like nothing short of a revamped original Bush Whacker, if this is the case than why go through the trouble of redoing an app that was doing well and stick with it. Perhaps Bush Whacker had some technical issues that would have been just as much or even more trouble to resolve so DJarts decided to go ahead and launch a whole new application while maintaining the name and image. 

If the reason for a Bush Whacker 2 is known I would be interested in learning what is was.

Although Bush Whacker 2 has many notable similarities to those present in the original Bush Whacker, the sequel does have it's own unique components and personality. Also I expect the developers to maintain both versions in the short term, which adding more content and updates to BW 2 and in the long run possibly tune BW or attempt to incorporate the accounts of BW into BW 2 if at all possible. But at the end of the day I would put my money on Bush Whacker 2 to outlive its predecessor.


Creature supposedly have a better chance of dropping energy refills so consider using your power attacks on whacking creatures because big energy refills are the most valuable loot you can hope for.

Use your power attack when the power bar is at around 20-40% because if you use too little the multiplier will not give any significant rewards and if you use it with too much power any and all excess in the event of potions will be lost.

Choose your trinkets and other bonus effect items carefully, for example ones that give higher chance of finding potions and energy or that decrease the chance of finding nothing. If you are lucky enough to loot sufficient amounts of potions and energy you could just keep going around and around with the right luck and well managed resource distribution. 

Tips & Tricks

Check for any quests you're able to start before going to whack bushes, because a lot of the time the quests involves finding loot in an area you are about to hunt in and finding the quest items will let you finish the quest sooner and also gain additional experience from the energy you are about to use.

NEVER use a power attack with only one power in the meter, because it will have no effect.
1 X 1 = 1

When using Power attack, use it on a target that has the highest level, because the difference in energy consumption might just be a few points but the rewards will be better by a great deal.

When casting Mana Whack, use it in an area that has opponents equal to the Mana Whacks level. Because every area has six opponents (excluding special areas that have less), Mana Whack hits all opponents and costs the same amount of mana no matter the case. Opponents that are a higher level than Mana Whack will not be defeated thus the Mana Whack will destroy less than six opponents are yield diminished rewards. 


Bush Whacker 2 Facebook

Dungeon Rampage

Genre: Role-playing
Publisher: Rebel Entertainment

Welcome to the Dungeon… Join your friends and battle your way to victory in this multiplayer action game. Unlock characters, earn powerful weapons and level-up as you rampage through a gauntlet of enemies and destruction – enjoy!


Fight your way through dungeon after dungeon doing battle with creatures such as; skeletons, knights, sorcerers, dinosaurs and more. The only characters available for free are the Warrior and Ranger, all other characters such as; Magician, Barbarian, Vampire, Chef, etc. must be purchased with Facebook credits. Other items can be bought in the shop with Facebook credits such as premium weapons, pets, character costumes, etc. Free characters are by no means inferior to their FBC comrades. Lots of monsters to fight and loot to grab.

Game Play


Here is where you select which dungeon you wish to challenge. Completing a dungeon successfully unlocks to next dungeon(s) so you will progress from challenge to challenge to your hearts content.

There are currently four leagues of dungeons:
1) Rookie League
2) Gladiator League
3) The Grindhouse
4) Champion League (Coming soon)

And currently 37 dungeons available to players with the Champion League dungeons coming soon.


View and manage your characters':
  • levels
  • equipment
  • likes/dislikes
  • stats
  • biography 


Allocate character skill points here, also available to reallocate points. View each characters' Dungeon Buster special which becomes available when Buster Bar is filled by collecting orange stars, very useful in a tight situation.


Purchase; heroes, styles, weapons, potions, pets, coins and gifts here.

Two forms of currency in DR;
Coins - obtained from defeating monsters and selling loot/equipment.
Gems - Purchased with Facebook credits, used to buy exclusive items in shop.


Where you stash your Weapons, Potions and Pets when your not using them. Each of the three start off with 15 storage slots, which is more than enough for any rational adventurer but for the hoarders storage expansions can be purchased with gems.

Typically Stuff

And of course we cant forget there is a gifting feature, friend invites, friends leaderboard and Share.


I like that the game play is fun, you can level up different characters and set them up with weapon setups.

There is no need to wait between game play because you don't need to use energy or stamina or anything in order to play unlike most games on Facebook.

The monster slash and bash game style is fun and cutesy with everyone having big heads, eyes and short anime bodies. I enjoy the element of strategy that is essential in surviving dungeons later in the game, whether it be using the environmental hazards as protection from monsters or advancing on enemy swarms with berserkers/samurais in the front and rangers/magicians laying support fire from the back.

The only game killing aspect of Dungeon Rampage is the lag problem. It was a slight issue a few months back when I first played DR, it wasn't so bad because everyone just refreshed the game between battles and everything was fine. Now the second time I'm playing, the lag is worse because it starts moments into the game and ruins the whole game play. If this isn't resolved it could spell the downfall of Dungeon Rampage.



In order to make it to the end of the dungeons you'll absolutely need to team up with some fellow adventurers.

Diversify your teams classes, this means dividing your team into rows.
People in the front with big health, so Warriors and Samurais, they have the most health and defense so they can hold their ground, especially during an ambush.
Back row needs to be the artillery players, so Rangers and Magicians, these guys are capable of doing lots of damage but have no health to speak of so need to keep distance from monsters. Artillery units are able to attack enemies from a distance so this is very useful when picking off loose monsters that the front line cant afford to chase after. And artillery units are able to engage the enemy before most enemies can engage, therefore artillery units will be able to thin out the enemy forces before the battle begins.

Support units are worth considering, rangers are able to use healing scrolls to heal themselves and nearby team mates, but mana is limited and rangers are more valuable as attackers. So the chef is worthy of consideration since they can make food to heal and can provide some attacking support.

Friends With Benefits

Add Dungeon Rampage friends that you can send gifts back and forth, ideally health bombs because it is a major inconvenience to battle through a dungeon just to be taken by surprise by an ambush, so having a supply of health bombs on hand come in very handy.

Also experience boosters are helpful to raise levels faster.

Tips & Tricks

If you don't have health bombs and everyone has died in battle, having a friend in the dungeon with you gives the opportunity for you or your friend to leave and rejoin the dungeon, the returning player will spawn on top of the fallen comrade and will be able to revive him/her instantly and have a second chance to win the battle.

Note: The player that leaves will forfeit his/her experience/coin bonus obtained prior to leaving the dungeon, but everyone who stays will retain their full bonus'.




Ninja Showdown




Genre: Strategic City Building
Publisher: NoriTown Studio



Build your Ninja Town, research technology, construct new buildings and train ninja warriors to defend yourself and raid enemy towns.

Ninja Showdown is a new strategic city building game on Facebook, launched in April 2012 by NoriTown Studio. You can rule your own ninja town as a great Kage. Defend your town from your enemies, and revenge them by attacking their town in return!

Rule your own ninja town. Train the best ninja skill ever. Invade other clan's town to get more resources and spoils. Be the Kage!

Game Play

A traditional City Building game set in an old world Ninja land where you act as the Kage of your own town and must lead it to power against the other Kages that wish to take your land by force.

Launch attacks against other players and computer opponents, and defend your home against incoming invaders.

Build your town's housing, research buildings, training, defensive installments, storage and resource production supplies, strategically position and upgrade buildings to make them more powerful.

Research Tree is a nice feature, using resources and points gained from destroying opponent towns you can research new unit types and powers for the units such as fire damage, accuracy, speed, etc.


Leading ones own Ninja Village is fun sounding premise for a city building game, and always having to compete with the other Kages is a challenge indeed. Ninja Showdown brings to mind the anime Naruto, I remember he always wanted to be Hokage. Although Ninja Showdown don't incorporate as much of the ninjutsu or other 'magic' skills but you can play around with units such as; archers, samurai, animals and more elite human ninjas that can be upgraded as you see fit. 

The unit control features in battle are a challenge to say the least, some units run around with a mind of their own ignoring your commands and get themselves killed. So using brute force appears to be the only way to complete those more difficult battles especially with the five minute time limit. So just let your warriors run in there,  swords ablaze and slash your way to victory and unify the land, under your control of course.


Between battles I highly recommend taking a few moments to allow your units to rest in the town and regain their health points. Doing this will allow you to keep your regiment well stocked, avoid unneeded expenses such as buying new units and ultimately let your units gain more battle experience to level up and grow stronger.

When researching unit abilities choose units that work well together, such as a heavy unit and a ranged unit, because the heavy units will be the front line, dealing big damage and intercepting enemy blows, while allowing your ranged units to strike from a distance and remain safe. Also by focusing on developing specific units you will be focusing research time/resources on only the ones that  need it, so in stead of going into battle with 6 different poorly enhanced units, you will have 2 or 3 much more powerful unit types that will make quick work of the bumbling army.

For an army build featuring heavy melee and ranged units, please consider adding a few healers, they wont provide damage support but can assist in healing the front line keeping it strong and saving any rangers that might have taken some unexpected damage.
Consider using:
Front line - Siroco (The Firefox)
Ranged - Archers or who ever has highest ranged damage
Support - Healers

Tips & Tricks

Space in your town is valuable and limited, so pay special attention to where your buildings are positioned. 
For starters, the town hall is the most important so place it in the center or guarded by defensive installments.
Structures such as houses and mills cannot attack enemies so you will want to bundle them together and save space, if you have lots of these structures consider putting space between them so your units can travel between them without having to walk around. Another good idea is to position your non-combat buildings on the outside of your town as use them as barricades for enemies, this will make enemies need to walk around your structures in order to reach your defensive installments, but be sure you have structures with sufficient range to attack enemies while they are moving around houses, etc. 
Crates are also a great for fending off invaders, they are small a inexpensive:

Basic crate method:
Wall off your buildings from invaders using crates and use your units to engage enemies.

Advanced crate method:
Build a lot of crates and use them like a tunnel so the enemies must walk up and down, left and right in order to reach your buildings. This will eat up the enemies time. To make this much more effective build plenty of long range towers and units that can deal constant damage to the enemies while they march to your base (aka. their demise), the enemy will be defeated before they deal a single damage. Also build lots of traps on the pathways, the enemy will have no option but to walk over them and extra damage will be dealt because the enemy units will be bunched close together.

Now what if the invaders try to destroy your crates and go straight for your city center? You can prepare for this also by deploying all of your units at the center of your town and organize your great big power house of ninjas, traps, towers, walls and warriors the enemy will be walking right into a slaughter that you were more than prepared for. 


Fans of city building games, RTS or Naruto should consider giving Ninja Showdown a try, it is an easy to understand game and is entertaining. It's only been out for about a month (released in April 2012) so there isn't a whole lot of PvP features right now but the first generation is still being created and that is always cool. I think it would be great if they added more unit types and decreased the waiting time on buildings and research and the like.




Genre: Action & Arcade
Publisher: Cookapps

SuperBall! Shoot colorful pegs to complete challenges and discover hidden treasures!


A flashy arcade game by Cookapps, the more you score the flashier it gets, of course. Shoot the Superball down from the cannon with the objective of destroying pegs. Destroy all the red pins in order to win the match. Smashing more pegs for a bigger score that you can brag to your friends about.

Game Play


The Superball world is broken up into 10 continents with 10 challenges for each continent. So thats 100 unique match set-ups. Starting off on a sunny little farm and ending on a desert with a crashed UFO.


As you progress through the first few levels you gain access to nifty power ups and other become accessible through purchase of game money and Facebook credits.


The map is visually appealing and easily navigated through a side scrolling design. 
The games themselves look good to, very flashy when you score combos or other bonuses and calm when it needs to be.


Combos are key in outscoring all your friends. Angle your shoots so they take out as many pegs as you can. 

Use your super balls sparingly, because with only so many points available to collect from breaking pegs, after you've taken out all the red pegs the game ends and all the left over balls drop from the sky and fall into one of 5 ball catchers, two with a 10,000 point bonus, two with a 30,000 point bonus and one with a 50,000 point bonus.

When you need to break a lonesome peg you should try to time the shot so it falls in the ball catcher, this will all the ball back to your stock so you don't loose a ball that shot. 

Tips & Tricks

Share your favorite tips & tricks or post them in the comments below.



Superball Facebook

Robot Unicorn Attack


Genre: Side Scrolling Platform Game
Developer: Spiritonin Media Games

To start, the premise reveals a variety of levels. You are a robotic unicorn in a dreamworld. Can robotic unicorns dream?

Game Play

Robot Unicorn Attack is a side-scrolling platform game in which the user controls the movement of a robotic unicorn. The object of the game is to prolong gameplay without falling off the stage, crashing into the edges of platforms, or colliding with crystal stars (without first dashing). Points are earned with play time, by collecting pixies, and by destroying crystal stars by dashing though them. As the game progresses, the stage slides faster. Jumps and dashes can be chained together while the unicorn is airborne. The player has three lives (referred to as "wishes"), and the sum of the scores from each life count for the player's final score.

What is the objective? Whatever it is, you have three "wishes" to complete it and your failure to fulfill that objective results in the severed head of the robotic unicorn crying. Yet, at the same time, the end score is a cumulative effort of these three failures. And failures they will be, as death is inevitable in this game. Is that the point? The cumulative score? Shattering stars, which are deadly but which offer a great deal of points would be the most effective means of raising a score as quickly as possible. That and longevity, but the creep of time leads to a world of ever-increasing speed that inexorably leads to your demise, so longevity alone is insufficient for a true "high score". But that ignores that fairies, which represent the very dreams you are chasing, ostensibly the true motivation of the robotic unicorn. While the valuable stars are crudely shattered, capturing the ephemeral fairies requires a substantially greater amount of effort and the reward as measured by score is an order of magnitude less than that offered by stars. From a score-based perspective it is therefore illogical to go after the fairies when one ought focus on smashing the stars and preserving their longevity. At the same time, there is a proper joy at engaging the fairies suggesting that, perhaps, they are the true point of the game irrespective of score or accolades to share on peer-to-peer networks.


All of this occurs within a randomly generated world. What you initially encounter may be easy and resource rich, difficult and research poor, or any combination thereof. While initially this world appears something which can be rationally navigated despite its random nature, as the creep leaves its mark this is revealed to be a fantasy and leaps of faith become not merely occasionally required but absolutely demanded. Sometimes they yield great dividends, other times they crash you into a wall. While some control is possible, once skill passes a certain threshold one's ultimate score is ultimately dictated by fate. The symbol of the ouroboros is clear here, as you both begin and end the game as a pawn of fate with only the briefest moment in which the exercise of your skill truly matters.

Speaking of controls, they are present but very limited within the game. "z" jumps, and within given intervals, double jumps are possible while "x" allows for a dash forward. Jumping is obvious, as it is used to avoid death. Dashing is slightly more complex, as it can be used to smash through obstacles, overcome long jumps which would otherwise be impossible, and when used in combination with the double jump, to avoid the rationally navigated scenery in its entirety and instead flying through space blindly until some unforeseeable object ends your journey. This seemingly limited freedom allows for a great many options as all strategies have their uses at different times within the gameplay.



Stay alive for as long as possible and don't miss the stars because each consecutive star yields greater points that the one before.


Refer to the previously stated content for my philosophical interpretation on Robot Unicorn Attack.

Reflect on your own experiences to discover another view.


I do recommend Robot Unicorn Attack, it is both extremely simplistic and incredibly complex. Whether you aim to outscore your friends or seek to understand what the Robot Unicorn dreams of.
The game play is enjoyable and has a high replay value that I ensure you will not become bored with any time soon.



Solitaire Blitz

Genre: Social Card Game
Publisher: PopCap


PopCap's Soliatire Blitz invites players to discover a whole new world of Solitaire in a fast-paced treasure hunt! Solitaire Blitz has players matching cards quickly to clear the decks in just 60 seconds. To Solitaire veterans, this might sound like a simple task, but Solitaire Blitz is far from easy.

Game Play

How To

Learning the basics is essential to becoming a Solitaire Blitz champ. Solitaire Blitz may seem fairly simple, but mastering this game requires intelligence and quick reflexes.

Solitaire Blitz borrows a lot from the classic game of Solitaire, but it is also markedly different. At the beginning of each game, there is one build pile, a deck, and seven playable cards. From the available cards, you must click a card that is consecutively higher or lower than the build pile card. Suits and colors don't matter. Aces can be played on twos in Solitaire Blitz.

By playing cards that are marked with keys, you'll unlock more build piles. You can have a maximum of three build piles to work with. Clicking a card will automatically send it to the appropriate build pile. Clicking a joker will place it on the left-most build pile.

 Power Ups

No matter how good you think you are, to reach the top of the Solitaire Blitz leaderboards you'll need to use boosts. You can use up to three per game, and if you're going for the top spot, you'll probably do best by using all three slots.

To buy boosts, you'll need to spend you hard earned Silver. There are no free silver Solitaire Blitz cheats, you'll have to get it fairly by playing the game, or by purchasing more with Facebook Credits. In addition, you can send and receive so that you and your friends can afford more boosts per game.

The current Solitaire Blitz boosts are as follows:

Extra Time - Adds thirty seconds to the clock. This boost is a must have, it's super useful.
Run Finder - Turns cards face over if they're in a run. Use this to plan ahead and get mega combos.
Extra Jokers - This boost simply adds three extra jokers to the deck to get you out of those tight spots.
Mine - Explodes a row of cards, freeing you up with fresh ones.
Starting Joker - Makes the first card on the build pile a joker.


Solitaire Blitz is a fun mini-game style Facebook game.  The matches are short and entertaining, and although energy is consumed per match, friends can gift energy boosts between one another so you shouldn't get stuck waiting for an energy bolt to refill. Warning: Players of Solitaire Blitz might but most definitely develop rapid eye movement syndrome from the blitz like game play, but it's worth the risk.



When playing Solitaire Blitz, in the early game you want to focus on clicking the cards marked with keys as quickly as possible. Getting those other build piles up on the board is crucial for getting big combos and high scores.

Tall Decks First

The tallest playable card decks often hide the most lucrative prizes. So if possible, try to draw from the tallest piles first to ensure that you finish up strong. The worst is ending up with one tall stack of playable cards; it leaves you with no chance for combos and a strong possibility that you won't clear the board.

Spam the Last Deck

That being said, if you end up with one deck of playable cards left, just switch into overdrive. There's no thinking to be done here. Just click the playable card until nothing happens, then quickly click the deck and refresh the build pile. Click the playable card again and repeat. This should be done really quickly to end the game as soon as possible, netting you the biggest score.


You are able to use a maximum of three power ups in a game, so why not use all three slots together and get one bigger score instead of three little scores. 




 Solitaire Blitz Facebook

Zombie Lane

Genre: Social Game
Publisher: Digital Chocolate

Zombie Lane is a zombie neighborhood style social game by Digital Chocolate. Take back control of your neighborhood from Zombies! Equip a weapon of your choice and fight off the endless waves of the undead! Smack them with a shovel or take them down quickly with a shotgun.

In a post zombie apocalyptic world where Zombies have overrun the planet and your neighborhood is in ruin, you must fend off the hordes of undead walkers and rebuild your community to the way it was. Utilizing your friends as your neighbors, taking advantage of helping each other out plays a big role in moving forward.

Start off wielding a no nonsense shovel to whack the unwanted ghouls down and move up to bigger better weapons like flaming gloves, shotguns, turrets and more. Expand your fence, rebuild structures and take back the neighborhood. Level up from fighting zombies, collect the coins and items they drop and complete quests.

Game Play

Start off as a lone survivor in the crumbled remains of what used to be your house as your neighbors are in hiding, the streets and buildings turned to rubble and a horde of zombies trolls right outside what remains of your fence. Equipped with nothing but a shovel and your wit you must fend off the walking dead and use what you find to craft better items, finish quests and ultimately rebuild your neighborhood, free of the zombie infestation. 

XP: Fight zombies and complete missions to collect experience and level up.

ENERGY: All actions require energy. 

The first task in it is to grab a shovel to bat to death the zombies harassing Rod, the security guard and the first quest-issuing NPC. The game is basically quest-driven: one task leads to another unlocking more playable activities and upgrading character levels; and all are coherently connected to hold tight to the main storyline. Imagine this: we even need to complete quests so as to unlock our Spouse and our dog.

All interwoven into one story, various quests turn their own turn to show up, keeping us occupied with different fun. We will kill zombies, clear away rubbles, repair and upgrade the house(and craft weapons in it), plant crops and fruit trees to harvest food, hire friends for help and pay visits to neighbors, etc.

Zombies are designed into different images, matching 9 different classes including salesman, janitor, waitress and construction worker and so on. Correspondingly, there are nine Collections, each made up five different objects useful in the very profession. We can collect these items by killing zombies. If five pieces are complete, the collection can be traded for coins. Yet more importantly, these collected materials are needed in some quests to propel the storyline forward. For instance, to rescue the Farmer (who is needed to unlock the crop-planting gameplay) from a super powerful zombie with 8 Health, we need a pair of Fire Mitts, a crafted weapon out of the boxing gloves from the supermart zombie and motor oil from the salesman zombie. And if we want to upgrade the house for more crafted items, we need certain amounts of Blueprint by killing construction zombies.

The zombies are able to fight back, however limited they may be, they can swing at you causing your avatar to be stunned for a moment but no real damage will pursue so you wont be killed or turned into a zombie yourself.

Energy is required for any action in Zombie Lane and energy is very scarce, you can obtain energy by;
  • Automatic refill, at one point every five minutes
  • Energy gifts from friends
  • Exchanged for food, which is obtained via harvesting crops


All in all Zombie Lane is a decent game but you cannot get really into it without an active group of neighbors, I enjoyed the ironic humor apocalyptic story line and endless supply of zombies. The restraining energy system isn't so great but you can somewhat compensate for that with enough Zombie Lane friends. 

Zombie Lane is significantly similar to FrontierVille, but has a different feel, as well as the bonus of the zombie aspect.


Add lots of friends, visit they're houses and do chores for them.

Upgrade your buildings.

Tips & Tricks

** Share your tips, tricks, strategies or additional content in the comments.


Monster's Planet

Genre: Breeding
Publisher: Plinga

A cute DNA breeding game from Plinga, collect DNA samples and engineer new species and color type eggs. Breed a variety of cute monsters, working your way up from insects to mammals, fishes, and/or birds and go on a journey to discover new species and color variants as you redefine your own unique planet.Be a god! ;)

From hatching, to growing up, the extraction all the way to collection. Raise your planet of monsters through they're entire lives whether it be as little as five minutes or as long as five months.

Game Play

Monster's Planet is a friendly Breeding game where you start off on a planet with simple insect DNA and progress by gathering experience and coin mostly by combining DNA of different monsters and each species has seven colors so there are different ways to obtain new species'.

New Monsters

In the beginning, players have just two strands of DNA, and must breed new creatures, obtained by breeding and buying available eggs in the shop. The insect roaming grounds is for raising insect monsters, when players reach required levels, new creatures such as mammals, fish, birds, etc become available and they all have their own roaming grounds. 

Breeding is achieved by combining two strands of DNA in the Synthesis Lab, eggs are produced and then hatched in roaming fields.


Players are encouraged to add friends for a number of game benefits, such as; 
  • helping to harvest DNA
  • loaning miners
  • gifts
  • game rewards
  • etc
Having friends grants players availability to some extra exp & cash. Also, friends can harvest DNA from each others monsters if the monsters owner is away, but friends cannot identify or collect anyone else monsters. 

Some other points to mention: combination hints refresh every 60 minutes, so stuck players can get some in game hints, ability to upgrade roaming grounds by collecting various items expands grounds for more monster room. And the leveling system in a nice feature, slow level climbing stats but further down we will share some helpful strategies.


All and all Monster's Planet is rather enjoyable, however we suspect it to be a major time thief, through many many little events that seem to be part of the bigger picture but are actually insignificant to the game, lots of time has flown by. There is a massive amount of monsters to discover, 1,175 Monsters by our count and it is expected to go up.Getting down to the bare facts, even for a player that is vigilantly managing their monster planet and has unlimited game resources, it would take an enormous amount of time  to discover most of the monsters. Not to mention that from what we've seen, the time requirement to breed eggs and harvest increases drastically. 

However this could be appealing or unappealing to different people. For someone who wants a game that is not at all competitive and is looking for simple fun, Monster's Planet could fit the bill. And if you are someone who is driven by competition and victory, Monster's Planet might not be what you're looking for.


Experience Farming

As I mentioned earlier, gaining levels can serve as a major road block in your planets development. So being more efficient in gathering experience can serve to give players more enjoyment out of the time invested. 

I. Buying Eggs
The simplest way to gain constant experience points is to buy eggs from the shop, hatch, extract and collect. Eggs are not expensive and return a portion of the initial investment (about 40%). This strategy involves more clicking but its simple and efficient.

Note: Switch to another roaming ground, this will refresh the farmed roaming ground and expose previously none visible extractions/collections, the quicker you go through monsters the fast you can gain experience.

II. Multicolor Breeding
The second experience farming method is to breed multicolor monsters, this is a more complex method but requires less attention to time. This method becomes more effective as you unlock more synthesis tables because it requires you to breed up from common colored monsters to the multicolor, which themselves give much more experience/coins than their single colored counterparts.

Tips & Tricks

The count down features on Monster's Planet is very buggy, more often than I could believe countdowns all over the system drop unexpectedly from a few hours to Completed. So take a few extra seconds to check on your different activities and it could pay off and save you hours.

If an achievement or something random event transpires and you dont receive any notification, changing screens to a different island or feature then back will always refresh the notifications so you don't sit around waiting for the bus thats already left, or in this case something less mundane. 

**Please share your tips, strategies, comments for others to benefit from.