Dungeon Rampage

Genre: Role-playing
Publisher: Rebel Entertainment

Welcome to the Dungeon… Join your friends and battle your way to victory in this multiplayer action game. Unlock characters, earn powerful weapons and level-up as you rampage through a gauntlet of enemies and destruction – enjoy!


Fight your way through dungeon after dungeon doing battle with creatures such as; skeletons, knights, sorcerers, dinosaurs and more. The only characters available for free are the Warrior and Ranger, all other characters such as; Magician, Barbarian, Vampire, Chef, etc. must be purchased with Facebook credits. Other items can be bought in the shop with Facebook credits such as premium weapons, pets, character costumes, etc. Free characters are by no means inferior to their FBC comrades. Lots of monsters to fight and loot to grab.

Game Play


Here is where you select which dungeon you wish to challenge. Completing a dungeon successfully unlocks to next dungeon(s) so you will progress from challenge to challenge to your hearts content.

There are currently four leagues of dungeons:
1) Rookie League
2) Gladiator League
3) The Grindhouse
4) Champion League (Coming soon)

And currently 37 dungeons available to players with the Champion League dungeons coming soon.


View and manage your characters':
  • levels
  • equipment
  • likes/dislikes
  • stats
  • biography 


Allocate character skill points here, also available to reallocate points. View each characters' Dungeon Buster special which becomes available when Buster Bar is filled by collecting orange stars, very useful in a tight situation.


Purchase; heroes, styles, weapons, potions, pets, coins and gifts here.

Two forms of currency in DR;
Coins - obtained from defeating monsters and selling loot/equipment.
Gems - Purchased with Facebook credits, used to buy exclusive items in shop.


Where you stash your Weapons, Potions and Pets when your not using them. Each of the three start off with 15 storage slots, which is more than enough for any rational adventurer but for the hoarders storage expansions can be purchased with gems.

Typically Stuff

And of course we cant forget there is a gifting feature, friend invites, friends leaderboard and Share.


I like that the game play is fun, you can level up different characters and set them up with weapon setups.

There is no need to wait between game play because you don't need to use energy or stamina or anything in order to play unlike most games on Facebook.

The monster slash and bash game style is fun and cutesy with everyone having big heads, eyes and short anime bodies. I enjoy the element of strategy that is essential in surviving dungeons later in the game, whether it be using the environmental hazards as protection from monsters or advancing on enemy swarms with berserkers/samurais in the front and rangers/magicians laying support fire from the back.

The only game killing aspect of Dungeon Rampage is the lag problem. It was a slight issue a few months back when I first played DR, it wasn't so bad because everyone just refreshed the game between battles and everything was fine. Now the second time I'm playing, the lag is worse because it starts moments into the game and ruins the whole game play. If this isn't resolved it could spell the downfall of Dungeon Rampage.



In order to make it to the end of the dungeons you'll absolutely need to team up with some fellow adventurers.

Diversify your teams classes, this means dividing your team into rows.
People in the front with big health, so Warriors and Samurais, they have the most health and defense so they can hold their ground, especially during an ambush.
Back row needs to be the artillery players, so Rangers and Magicians, these guys are capable of doing lots of damage but have no health to speak of so need to keep distance from monsters. Artillery units are able to attack enemies from a distance so this is very useful when picking off loose monsters that the front line cant afford to chase after. And artillery units are able to engage the enemy before most enemies can engage, therefore artillery units will be able to thin out the enemy forces before the battle begins.

Support units are worth considering, rangers are able to use healing scrolls to heal themselves and nearby team mates, but mana is limited and rangers are more valuable as attackers. So the chef is worthy of consideration since they can make food to heal and can provide some attacking support.

Friends With Benefits

Add Dungeon Rampage friends that you can send gifts back and forth, ideally health bombs because it is a major inconvenience to battle through a dungeon just to be taken by surprise by an ambush, so having a supply of health bombs on hand come in very handy.

Also experience boosters are helpful to raise levels faster.

Tips & Tricks

If you don't have health bombs and everyone has died in battle, having a friend in the dungeon with you gives the opportunity for you or your friend to leave and rejoin the dungeon, the returning player will spawn on top of the fallen comrade and will be able to revive him/her instantly and have a second chance to win the battle.

Note: The player that leaves will forfeit his/her experience/coin bonus obtained prior to leaving the dungeon, but everyone who stays will retain their full bonus'.