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Facebook's Open Graph Timeline application platform has reached it's two month milestone as of this morning. Today at the SXSW conference, the social networking company announced that nearly 3,000 Timeline apps are now available. These new applications let users share a variety of actions with their Facebook friends, such as what they're reading or what they're watching. Despite the numerous vocalizations of users protesting the new format, which is unavoidable considering the human tendency to reject change. In a news release, Facebook said that businesses that have launched a Timeline app are seeing an increase in engagement and growth.

In a news release, Facebook said that businesses that have launched a Timeline app are seeing an increase in engagement and growth.

Pinterest, an up-and-coming social network, has increased the number of Facebook users visiting its site by more than 60 percent. Goodreads, a site that helps people discover and share books, and Pose, a fashion and beauty app, have both also seen significant upticks in referral traffic. The number of daily active users at Goodreads has increased 77 percent and Pose has seen a 500 percent increase in daily signups for their mobile app and website.

In addition to the news about some of its most successful Timeline apps, Facebook also announced the release of eight new ones launching this week at SXSW. These include the following:
Foursquare: Users can now add their Foursquare check-ins to their Timelines and maps, share their badges and see the top places they've checked into.

Nike: As of last week, people can use the Nike FuelBand iPhone app to find friends and see a leader board of how much "fuel" they've earned versus their friends. Facebook says Nike will make achievements and milestones available for users to post directly to their Timeline.

VEVO: Video site Vevo introduced integration that lets users sign into Vevo.com with their Facebook account, get personalized video playlists based on the artists they've "liked," discover new music through friends and post music from VEVO to their Timeline.

Fandango: The new Fandango Timeline app lets users add the clips they watch, the movies they rate and the films they want to see.

Viddy: Viddy, a mobile app for creating quick videos and adding filters, announced its new Timeline app, too. With it, people can add clips to their Timelines as they shoot them.

Endomondo: Endomondo, a fitness site, added a Timeline app so people can share their workouts, progress and favorite routs with friends.

RootMusic: RootMusic's Timeline app lets people mark their favorite songs and artists and the concerts they plan on attending from the Facebook Pages of bands. As users click "favorite," "going to go" and "wants to go," their picks will be added to their Timeline.

What do you think Facebook's Timeline platform? Have you adopted it yet? Still resistant? Do you think it is the future of Facebook or uneasy as if it sums up your cyber life for everyone to see?

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