SHOBO™ is an interesting multiplayer online board game by Roshumbo™ without any dice or cards. The match ends when one player either eliminates the opponents five game pieces (known as Daggers) or in the event no kills occur for five consecutive rounds the player with the least points wins. Its a sneaky way to win and brings a new level of strategy to the table.

Game Play
Games tend to last about 3 minutes, never the same and will keep you on the edge of your seat, and it if doesn't just move up a weight-class until you find that next challenge. Turns are made at the same time and not shown until both players are ready, this way neither player knows that the opponent is doing, it all comes down to prediction and a little luck. This game is simple to learn but impossible to master. SHOBO™ is an exciting game of guessing, in which every decision is critical. It is also a game of strategy and agility, intellect and domination, that bears a unique quality of drama.

                                                                  Battling ShoboRobot S. Lvl 10 Bot

SHOBO™ has a good assortment of features for a Facebook game, including; leaderboard ranking,Challenge Friends/World/Computer, leveling system, game cash (play money) and as luck would have it there is no energy system requiring users to come back in twelve hours or buying refills with Facebook credits in order to continue playing.

I would definitely recommend SHOBO™ for people that enjoy games heavy in critical thinking and less focused on building character power or inviting more friends.

SHOBO™ on Facebook