Tetris® Friends

Challenge your friends, track your personal scores, or try to etch your name into the global leaderboard at Tetris® Friends on Facebook! Another installment in the timeless Tetris franchise. Tetris Friends has what you would expect in a Tetris game, but with some nice perks that come from being linked through Facebook such as Challenge mode, friends and world leaderboard and statistic records for some additional fun.

Players can choose from six game modes:

Marathon: Complete 15 Levels to win the game.

Sprint: Clear 40 lines as fast as you can. 
The fastest game is 30.14 seconds and the replay is viewable through the leaderboard. 

Sprint 5P: Clear 40 lines faster than your opponents.
Face off  against four opponents to finish first and be the winner. If the system doesn't find enough people suitable for you to challenge it will draw from recorded games that are close to your skill level.

BlockStar: Try an old fave with nostalgic roots. 
The classic style of playing Tetris, no holding, ghost pieces and the maneuvering isn't as good as the others but with infinite levels BlockStar provides a great opportunity to really test your Tetris skills. 

Ultra: Score the most points within 2 minutes
It's a lot more fun than it sounds. 

Sprint 5P win

I enjoy the game and think this is a better installment over downloading one.  The ability to watch best games from anyone of any time is pretty cool. There is a lot more content on their offsite system (link included at bottom) such as achievements and 11 total game modes. Definitely work a try, even for those that haven't played Tetris before.

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