Risk: Factions

RISK: Factions is a game of world conquest! Take over the world, one territory at a time. Show your friends you are a force to be reckoned with! As someone who is a fan of the original Risk board game I've been enjoying the gaming experience of RISK: Factions. Starting off with the human race, and expansion options to zombies, cats and robots all with their own unique features.

Game Play
Like in the original version the rules are all basically the same; starting with scattered armies around the world (or which ever map is being used), take turns deploying units, attacking enemy territories and in a new twist players can deploy special units that can accumulated outside of the match environment. Another new spin I find interesting is the deployment limits, as in the original version troops are available at the beginning of every turn based on occupied territories, controlled continents and so on, but in RISK: Factions players are also required to have available troops in stock (which can be accumulated a variety of ways), if you run out of troops you will be unable to deploy troops until you acquire more. The most basic method of obtaining troops is with game gold, which is also acquired through a variety of ways, one by destroying enemy units, so its a cycle, the key is to balance your troops so you don't loose more troops faster than you gain them. With lots of freedom and game play styles you should be able to find your balance to a successful army while having a bunch of fun.

Also, the bases are pretty cool because you can decorate them but more importantly build structures that product troops every, 16 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours... which ever buildings you want, also expanding land and new bases. Note that each of the three races (human, zombie and cats) all have their own different buildings.

When you first start you have access to one single player game (against a bot) and six multiplayer games with options to play against friends, random people with turn timers ranging from 10 minutes each up to 24 hours. Three match slots are also available to unlock.

Multiplayer map called Grip

Risk: Factions is great as a multiplayer online game that you can have a lot of fun with or just a once in a while game of Risk that you don't have to clean up the pieces or can't find enough people to play a big game. 

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