$100,000 Pyramid

Pyramid is a fairly simple yet amusing game on Facebook. It brings to mind some of those OLD game shows people watched on television back in the 80's or when ever they were big.

When you start one game, it requires the consumption of one 'episode'. You will receive three episodes every 12 hours. And of course there is always the option to buy with real money or earn through special offers.

You score points in the game by giving the correct word. For example you are given a clue "Things that involve moving" then you need to figure out six separate words, and each is accompanied with two clues, such as; "Pack things it this" and "Brown and thicker than paper" so the answer is Cardboard.
Then the more answers you get right the more game money you win, and if you get 6/6 you get a bonus reward, like a collection item or more money.

$100,000 Pyramid Facebook