Zombie Slayer

Genre: Text and Icon Based Role-Playing Game 
Developer: Kano



An exciting text and icon based RPG developed by Kano. When a terrible virus sweeps the globe, and hordes of undead rule the world. You and your team of elite zombie slayers must retake the earth, one corpse at a time!

With a similar game model to that of Mafia Wars  and the like, Zombie Slayer offers new unique game play features that definitely make it worth trying, in addition the aspect of zombies is a great selling point.

Fight your way through an infested city slaying thousands to millions of walking dead or fight along side your friends to slay the big bad co-op bosses. 

Game Play

Outbreaks / Missions

First of all we will talk about Outbreaks aka Missions. Use energy to complete missions and clear zombies from the infested zones. Mastery type system indicates what percentage of zone is cleared and you can continue to fight (do missions) once a zone is completed. 

There are currently 25 Countries to play through and 12 outbreak missions per country so there are quite a few zombies to slay before the world is safe.


There are three types of boss fights.

1. Single Boss Fight - Not very difficult and intended for you to defeat on your own but able to request assistance.

2. Coop Boss Fights - These have a lot of health so everyone should request assistance and assist friends coop bosses so everyone involved can maximize rewards and not waist stamina.

3. World Boss Fights - Currently 4 world bosses. They spawn at various dates based on a countdown, there is no limit to how many people can fight them so everyone in Zombie Slayer can join a fight. They give good rewards but you must wait 4 hours between attacks.

PvP Fights

You can fight against other slayers in different ways:

Attack - Pit your accumulated attack power against defenders accumulated defensive power
Ambush - Counter-attack that damages targeted player
Hitlist - Post a bounty on a Slayers head for other players to try and claim
Booby Trap - When a player is booby trapped he/she will take damage if they attempt to hitlist your character
Punch - Deal a small amount of damage to targeted player


Spend money and resources to purchase and upgrade properties which payout a fixed income every hour. Higher level properties take over 100 days for an upgrade. Upgrades are maxed at level 4.


As a big fan of the whole zombie genre that has been looking for a really great zombie game I think Zombie Slayer is definitely at the head of the pack as far as text and image role-playing games goes, it is really the best I've come across. However, to take zombie gaming to new levels I think a 3-dimensional game would be the best platform to reach above and beyond.


Gaining Levels

First and foremost, players need to level up in Zombie Slayer, so the best way to do this is to simply allocate skill points into energy. 

If you can manage your experience and treat your current available experience as assets you can expect to go up twenty levels in 20 minutes in Zombie Slayer with no need for facebook credits or anything, just straight forward asset management. 

First: you need to assess what your current available experience is, for example:
  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Daily Gamer Points
  • Daily Reward
  • Outbreak Help
  • Challenge Help
  • Boss Rewards (This is why you need to share damage dealt between all slayers, this maximizes your Bosses killed and thus reward yield)
  • Challenges
These are all the main experience point sources. Knowing which ones give larger sums and which ones are retained on leveling up can make the difference between gaining 5 levels and 25 levels in a matter of minutes.

Pay special attention to energy and stamina because they both refill on leveling up, so any unused points are basically wasted.

Also, having a very large very active squad gives you access to many many more opportunities to; helping, gifts, squad contracts, bosses and much more. Never underestimate the power of a good team.


Turn that money into more money. Buy properties as soon as they become available and upgrade them as soon as possible. First of all because things start getting very expensive very fast and you will be shocked how easy it is to spend 12 trillion dollars on two items. The higher property upgrades take a lot of time, over 100 days. 

Zombie Slayer is a PvP combat intensive game, lots of opponents come at you at all times so having a lot of money coming in will help with stacking your arsenal to better you chances. 

Tips & Tricks

Add more squad members, then add more, you can never have enough squad members and the more active they are the better.

Take every chance you get at fighting coop bosses and do just enough damage to get the Kill Reward Dmg Progress to 100%, get the damage requirement then get to the next boss, only do extra damage when you think it wont be dead in time because other people are entitled to join as well. 


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