Fruit Ninja Frenzy


Ninjas enjoy their fruit. The objective of this game is to slice up flying fruit as they fly around the screen, get combos and slice glowing fruit for extra points and avoid bombs which make you loose points. I couldn't play for more than 3 games, or about 15 minutes, there just isn't any replay value and I think a couple of games is all it was really meant to be good for.

There is a leaderboard but it is limited to all of your friends one best score, so it's not all that interesting. You can mix some fruit and make a smoothie that possibly gives a bonus but I couldn't be bothered to look into that to be honest. Achievement progress is present in the game but once again, the limited interest in the game made me uninterested in looking into the achievements either.

One map, a bunch of watermelon, apples, lemons and pineapples and an old man with a knife don't expect to find your next favorite game in Fruit Ninja Frenzy.

I admit I somewhat enjoyed my first two games but by the third time around I couldn't wait to be done. And frankely the title is somewhat more interesting than the game itself, but I should have realized that earlier because there has never been a great game with fruit as a major theme.

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