Armies of Magic

There are two main components in Armies of Magic, the first being your Capital City where you must manage your buildings and trees and such in order to have enough money, units, research and stuff like that. The second being combat, you must defend against Ogre forces in battles. Battles are pretty cool, its one of those little games that both players start with nothing on the field and spend crystals to summon units in order to deplete the opposing avatars health points.

To my count there are about 40 units available to research and deploy in combat. A decent assortment of unit types are available, such as; militia, healers, different weapons, rangers, mages, etc. Spells and powerups are also available which makes for more in depth battle scenarios. As well as an extensive research system that in addition to costing resources, requires a time commitment, so unless you are willing to spend a bunch load of Facebook credits it will take you a while to get into the higher researches.

So there are lots of strategies to try out, in addition to the NPC battles you can challenge other players to battle. For me, I usually just start off by sending however many miners can reach the closest crystal patches then send a few waves of about 5 low level melee units then once my crystal count is high I'll send an overkill wave with way more than I need to finish the game. It's pretty fun but quite excessive so don't use a strategy like the one described until you have an abundant economy and are in no short supply of resources.

For a player that is short on resources the best combat strategy would probably be to use cheap to medium cost melee units, try to upgrade them outside of battle so they will be made stronger but not cost more in a battle. When deploying units send them in groups its so effective because when the encounter and enemy everyone in your group gets to attack but the lone enemy only gets one, and usually your guys can kill the opponent before the next enemy comes in range so by the time your guys get to the enemy avatar the squad is still intact plus more units coming as reinforcements.

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